Belts and Pulleys

Tumble Dryer Belts and Pulleys

Tumble dryer belts come in many different lengths and profiles, ranging , , , Carry on reading

from around 1500mm in length with just 3 ribs on smaller low-capacity tumble dryers, up to about 2000mm long belts with 9 ribs on the largest tumble dryers with greater load-carrying capacity. This of course is dependent on the size of the tumble dryer and the maximum designed load weight that the belt has to drive around each of the pulleys.

When you are looking for tumble dryer spare parts the larger the tumble dryer the greater the length of the tumble dryer belt that is needed, and the larger the design load of the dryer, the greater the number of ribs required to give enough friction grip to the belt around the pulleys to move the load without slipping. This in turn enables the drive belt to rotate the drum with a heavy load of damp clothes in the drum.

Tumble dryer belts are manufactured generally speaking from rubber molded around nylon fibers, the nylon giving the belt strength along its length, and the rubber surface giving the belt grip around the pulleys.

So it is that when looking to replace your tumble dryer belt if you do not have the manufacturer's part number, then you need to be aware of both the tumble dryer belt's length and its profile.

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