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Washing Machine Cabinet and Door Parts

Washing machine cabinet and door parts mainly consist of , , , Carry on reading

the doors themselves including latches, handles, hinges, switch strikers and all the passive parts that make up a washing machine. To be able to identify them you really do need the model number of the machine which can usually be found on a plate or label inside the door recess or if the machine has a front facing pump with a filter, the model number can often be found inside this recess usually on the drop down flap. Should you not find the model number in either of these two places, it could well be on a plate on the rear of the machine, which is a bit of a nuisance but sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and drag the machine out. If you type the model number along with the name of the part you require into a search engine this is most likely to yield a positive result.

In order to save money on the cost of parts it is sometimes not necessary to buy for example a complete door just because the catch is broken or the door bowl (window) is cracked, these parts may well be and often are available separately. Once you have located a part on the internet it is usually possible to compare your part to the pictures provided in order to make certain that you have indeed found the correct part for your model. You should compare your part to the pictures provided and not rely on the model number alone as all domestic appliance manufacturers reserve the right to make changes to specifications whilst keeping the same model number.

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