Drain Pumps for Washing Machines

Keep Your Washing Machine Drain Pump Clean

A pump for draining out the dirty water from your washing machine is, , , Carry on reading

a washing machine spare parts item that is an absolute necessity and needs to be in a fully operational condition at all times.

Pump units usually come with a removable filter which needs to be checked regularly and kept clear of debris as even a small thing like a piece of grit can stop the pump from rotating. The most common items to be recovered from this filter are coins, buttons, bra wires, screws, and nails, to mention a few.

Without the drain pump being kept in a good working condition, the washing machine will not function correctly, and this results in the dirty soapy water being held in the drum of the washing machine, so the clothes do not get rinsed as clean rinse water cannot be drawn into the washing machine.

The clothes, still contained in the dirty water arrive at the point where the machine should spin the clothes dry, but it is unable to spin as all modern washing machines are prevented from attempting to spin whilst being full of water, as to do so would end up with water being forced out of every orifice on the machine, including the soap dispenser drawer and the air vent opening, and in all likelihood causing damage to the washing machine. Usually, the water pressure inside of the drum tends to force detergent laden water past the drum seal and into the drum bearings where detergent laden water dissolves the grease in the bearings and this results in permanent damage

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