Searching for Appliance Spares

Appliance Spare Parts Searching

Whenever you have the need to search for home appliance spares, whether it be for tumble dryer spare parts, oven replacement parts, washing machine spare parts, vacuum cleaner spares, dishwasher spare parts or simply a general search for appliance spare parts your absolute starting point for your search has to be the model number. The model number is the starting point for every search appertaining to any domestic appliance spare parts.

The Model Number is everything!

Without the model number, you are definitely searching for a tiny needle in one massive haystack. To find the model number of any appliance you should first be looking at the "User Instructions Handbook" that came with the appliance, as this usually is labeled with the model number, or there may be a list of models that this particular instruction leaflet applies to as a starting point.

Washing Machine Model Numbers

On a washing machine or tumble dryer, the first place to look is inside the door recess alongside the rubber door seal, the model number can often be found there on a printed paper label. or sometimes a printed or engraved metal label. If not, then the next place to look is inside of the pump housing hatch, the place with a drop-down lid near to the bottom of the machine, the place where you can remove the pump filter to clean out the fluff and other debris, often, on a plate on the inside of this hatch cover, you'll find the model number. No luck here, then it is round to the back of the machine, and usually, the model can be found on a plate attached either at the bottom or the top of the rear of the machine.

Dishwasher Model Numbers

On dishwasher machines, the model number is more often than not to be found on a plate at the rear of the machine near to the bottom, or sometimes it is down the side edge of the dishwasher door. If you drop the door down and look carefully at both edges, you just might find the model number there. Got the model number? You might still end up with the incorrect part, sorry to say this, but appliance manufacturers always reserve the right to change or modify without prior notice. It’s their cop-out! A search of the internet using the brand name plus the newly found model number will more often than not, turn up a selection of suppliers competing to supply you with the item that you require.

Older Appliance Spare Parts

Should this not turn out to be the case then it is more than likely that the model is an obsolete model (six years or older) that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. That does not mean that all is lost as there are very often stocks of older parts or pattern appliance spare parts still around for a long time after the original machine has been discontinued by the manufacturer. All appliance spare parts usually come with an industry-standard three months warranty, this is extended to the normal twelve months when fitted by a suitably qualified person where an invoice has been issued by that person or company and can be shown as proof of such fitting. Most appliance spare parts will have been manufactured to quality standards accepted by the appliance spares industry.

Genuine appliance spares from branded manufacturers

These type of appliance spares come packaged in the appliance spare parts manufacturers own branded packaging with their own brand logos on the packaging and are easily distinguishable from pattern appliance spares which come in either plain packaging or the wholesale distributors "own brand" packaging.

Appliance spares for older appliances

Finding a supply of older appliance spares and other products, especially proprietary parts, for example plastic molded parts like bezels, handles, fascias etc, finding these type of spare parts can be extremely challenging, but with determined searching it is possible to locate stock of older or vintage parts, so if you are needing to repair an aging appliance and are unable to find the spare part you require, an inquiry by telephone to an appliance spare parts business could be time well spent and give you the positive outcome you are looking for.

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