Washer will not Drain or Spin

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First and Foremost Electric Shock Can Kill

Attention! Electric Shock Can Kill! Before you do anything else, before you remove the cover of any electrical appliance, this includes your automatic washing machine. If it is your intention to carry out work, make certain that the power is switched off, preferably at the consumer unit, main switch isolator. Then, also remove the plug from the electricity supply socket before proceeding with any work or investigation! Once the plug is out and the plug is within your sight and reach you know that you are safe. Even if someone accidentally switches the power on again.

Having trouble when your washer will not drain or spin?

Well, no need to rush out and buy anything until you have read this article.

Not spinning or not draining water out problems solved!

Washer will not Drain or Spin? No Problem!

Right, down to the actual problem, is the problem that your washer is not spinning? or is the problem that it is not draining? or is it both? they are both interconnected. If your washer is not spinning, it may be that it is simply not draining all of the loose excess water out of the machine in the time allowed by the program, in which case the machines' built in safety features stop the machine from spinning. As to allow the washer to spin full of water would, firstly damage the machine by bouncing it around all over the place, and second it would throw the water out of every orifice of the machine onto your nice kithen floor.

Can You Open the Washer Door?

Question! With the machine stopped, unplugged and upright, can you open the portal door, if the answer is yes, then the machine is most probably empty of the excess water, in which case you could remove all of the wet soggy clothes into a container and look inside the drum to see if there is any water present in the bottom, if no water is present then that is good and you have eliminated this problem from being the possible causes of not spinning, and you probably need to look elsewhere for a solution to your not spinning problem..

Assess the situation!

If there is water present in the bottom of the drum, then you have a problem with the draining system of the machine, which may well be a faulty drain pump. On the other hand it could simply be a blockage in the water drainage path, or inside the drain pump the impeller (the rotating bit that pushes the water out) could be jammed with a foreign object such as coins, hair grips, bra wires, all common causes of jammed up drain pumps.

Sorting The Problem!

The best and easiest way of tackling this situation, and remember we are talking generally here, not about any specific model or make of machine, first of all, try to remove any water by lowering the drain hose down to as near to floor level as possible, into a washing up bowl or into a large pan and see if the remaining water drains out. If it does, good, this is telling us that the problem is not a blockage and is most likely a jammed or faulty drain pump.

Unblocking the Water Draining Track!

If the water does not run out then there is most likely to be a blockage somewhere in the drain water track, common causes of this are socks, handkerchiefs, padding from the shoulders of jackets etc, etc, and in this instance, the solution is to lay the machine down on its side, with the soap dispenser upwards, away from the floor and this will usually give access to all of the drainage components of the machine. With a bowl or a pan to collect the water close at hand, you can now set about removing or just disconnecting the water draining track components, the hoses, and the drain pump itself, until you find the blockage, usually, this will be in the entry nozzle to the drain pump, or if the machine has a filter or trap built-in, then this is the place to look first.

Reassembling the Machine

After you have located the blockage, reassemble the components you have removed refitting hoses and tightening securely any hose clips that have been removed. Once completed, stand the machine upright again, fit the drain hose back into the waste pipe or wherever it was connected to, plug the machine into the mains, and if it is possible to select just a spin cycle, do so and try it on spin only, if it spins, great! Now try partly filling the machine with water from a jug or a pan, just to test whether the machine is now capable of draining the water out again. If the water can still not be drained you will need to repeat the process of emptying the water out and possibly fitting a replacement drain pump. After all of this, hopefully, the machine will now spin and this will have solved the problem, but you still need to partly fill the drum with water and check that there are not any signs of leaking from the reassembled pump and hoses. If the machine still doesn't spin then this is another problem, see my article on replacing carbon brushes!

Hope this helps, and good luck with your repair project!

Washer will not Drain or Spin Sorted!

Remember! Always remove the plug from the mains electrical socket before proceed ing with any work or investigation!

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